Horse feed additives and supplements are often necessary for equines to achieve optimal health. Feeding presents unique challenges, given that horses and other equines are natural herbivores accustomed to grazing and consistently consuming small quantities of food throughout the day. It is important to consider the animal’s digestive system and individual nutrition needs when establishing a feed program.

Our high-quality horse feed supplements and additives are designed to assist animal feed manufacturers deliver superior finished products to their customers and equine farms to provide superior nutrition to their animals.

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Our equine feed products focus on delivering solutions in these 3 areas:


Mold Inhibitors Amonex®
Mold Inhibitors Fungiplex®
Antimicrobials Flamotin®


Pellet Binders Pelex®
Grain Conditioners Recitol®


Toxin Binders Fixar®
Acidifiers Semalex®